Technical questions

  • Some of the information can be edited in your personal account in the “Profile" section. If you need to edit non-editable data, then you need to send a request to the customer support and follow the instructions provided.

  • Yes. You can buy additional capacity at any time. The new capacities will be registered in the system as a separate contract with its expiration date.

  • At the moment, you can purchase capacity only for the cryptocurrency bitcoin. You can exchange money for cryptocurrency bitcoins at a favorable rate in numerous exchangers. After transferring bitcoin to an account in the cloud mining system, the crediting is made after confirming the transaction in the blockchain system.

  • For the duration of the contract, the fee includes all equipment maintenance and administrative expenses. You do not need to pay for any services separately. All expenses are included in the service fee.

  • In order to buy a contract, you need to register on the website, configure the desired contract and pay for it in any convenient way.

  • Our cloud service mainly specializes in the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Sometimes we switch the equipment over to work with other cryptocurrencies. The produced cryptocurrency is exchanged for bitcoin and credited to your account.

  • You can calculate the payback period on your own using a calculator on the main page of the website or in your personal account. On average, the payback period is:

    125 days for a 180 days contract;
    220 days for a 360 days contract;
    270 days for a 540 days contract;

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC

  • The first mined coins are credited to your internal account in the system the day after the purchase of the contract. You can withdraw bitcoins to your wallet, provided that you have bitcoins on the internal account in the system.

  • We only take into account the blockchain fee, so approximately 0.0005 BTC

  • All mutual settlements are carried out at the market rate of the bitcoin exchange Binance.com

  • The service has the option to restore the password. To recover your password, you need access to the email that you specified during registration. If you do not have access to the mail, you need to contact the customer support.

  • You need to register in our cloud mining service and get a unique referral link. You need to distribute this link to potential customers of the cloud service. The user who clicked on your link and registered will be considered your referral. All referrals are displayed in your personal account in the section - "Partnership program". In the future, you will receive a renumeration of 10% from each purchase of your referral. The remuneration is calculated in bitcoins. You can withdraw the earned bitcoins to your crypto wallet at any time, or you can also purchase cloud mining capacity.

  • You need to send a request to the customer support and go through the key recovery procedure. Get ready for the fact that the process will be long.